VisionStreetWear Mens Sneaker Tee Grey rövid ujjú póló

Állapot: Új.

Vision Street Wear férfi skateboarding póló.

100% pamut

Könnyen vasalható és mosható!

Méret: M

Váll szélesség: 45 cm

Hossz: 72 cm

Méret: L

Váll szélesség: 46,5 cm

Hossz: 73 cm

Méret: XL

Váll szélesség: 48 cm

Hossz: 74 cm



4 152 Ft

5 190 Ft



Bővebb infó

In 1976, skateboarding was undergoing transformational changes that would forever shape the sport and its culture. Skate parks were popping up across the United States and the invention of urethane wheels opened the door for innovative new tricks and techniques.

With the rise of this sub-cultural revolution, Vision Street Wear was born. With an ever-growing presence on vert ramps throughout the country, Vision Street Wear quickly became the brand of choice for the sport's most influential athletes.

Tapping into the authentic skate scene, Vision Street Wear represented some of the sport’s most recognizable skaters at the time, including Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, Tas Pappas, Duane Peters and Mark Rogowski.